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Where can i find e19 ?
kardashjennerdolls1 is only one person? did you have an argument with her is that why she deleted her blog?

i didnt have an argument with her and i think she just changed her url you can find a message i published on my blog with her new url

I would like for you to tell me which gif I "stole". I didn't steal anything. I clearly said "not my gif". Thank you.

I never changed my url because of that. If I “stole” a gif, oh well. I still gave you credit. Please know what happened to my blog first, which you Don’t, before you start thinking I changed it cause of that.

ok well i dont know which gif you posted or if you gave credit or not because an anon told me!! also i have no idea why you changed your url it was just an assumption, i apologise if that offended you. when anon said “repost” i assumed you had taken credit for a gif i made, as thats what i personally define as reposting. it’s not that big of a deal, im not angry about it so you can calm down and stop making indirect posts calling me an idiot aha. i have no beef with you…

Kardashjennerdolls1 stole one of your gifs just so you know

They changed urls obviously trying to cover their tracks but thanks for letting me know!! Most of our gifs are watermarked so its obvious they are reposting :)xx



👀 Khloe got that look like “bitch you got some nerve”

she tried it


If I were Kendall I would hang this one up in my room and frame it